I think you'll find my shop is a crazy eclectic mix of all of my interests.

I love finding old items and repurposing or upcycling them to give them a new beginning in life.

I also love to crochet, especially in the winter. :) My mom taught me to crochet when I was a little girl and I have loved creating useful items for my home as an adult.

But, you'll soon find, my passion is wood carving. I started carving years ago by picking up a knife and a piece of wood. I was in love. Now, I love to sit in my studio overlooking the mountains of the Ozarks and create fun little Santa's to send across the United States where they'll find new homes and hopefully make memories for generations.

For more about me and my art, you can visit my blog at:


My Santa Carvings blog is pretty new so be sure to follow me to find out how my Santas, ornaments and other items are made. I may even show you some of my ugly Santa's! :)

May God bless you always with love and happiness,


Tater Soup * Midwest vintage and Genuine handmade items